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Denti-Pro is the leading application for dentist and lab technicians around the world. Share content and resources with other professionals. Network with industry experts. And help bring the art of dentistry forward!

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Easy to Use

Denti-Pro lets you find and share information and content, read articles, watch videos, and much more — Just like any other social app.

Stay Updated

Denti-Pro unites carefully curated content from dental professionals, and lets dentists share content with the community. So you can stay updated.

Get Connected

So far Denti-Pro has reached more than 500,000 users and counting, making it on of the largest online communities for dentists.

How it works

The Denti-Pro App is simple and intuitive to use following just 3 easy steps:


Download the App

Download the app from App Store or Google Play Store for FREE


Sign Up

Sign up by filling in the short form, Or sign up in one click with Facebook.


Explore Denti-Pro

Enjoy and share FREE dental content and resources directly at your finger tips!


All the content shared across the Denti-Pro platforms, including the app, is shared by dentists, lab technicians, dental photographers and other industry professionals.

Online Magazine

Read the Denti-Pro Magazine in a mobile-friendly format via the app. The magazine offers inspiring and informative articles, breathtaking dental photography and much more!

Dental Articles

We post dental related articles frequently and encourage industry professionals to share there research results, case reports, and other content with the community.

Dental Photography

Denti-Pro curates photo material from a network of professional dental photographers to bring high definition photography to our users.

Dental Videos

If you prefer to watch videos on your mobile device you can now stream our video library through the app!


Have a sneak peak at some of the features offered by the Denti-Pro application

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Watch a quick demonstration of the application before you hit ‘download’.

What people are saying



Denti-pro is a Unique App for Dentist and Technicians

Thomas Rietrae

I have used Denti-pro and it is amazing. Super recommend.

Prof. Angelo Putignano

This app is the top of the top in the dental industry.

Viktor Scherbakov

Denti-pro is a Unique Virtual Magazine for Dentist and Technicians

Marcelo A. Calamita

Our Team

The Denti-Pro App is part of the vision of founder and CEO, Masoud Abu Zant, to bring dentist and dental industry professionals from around the world together united by their common passion. Today Denti-Pro has branched into 7 branches and a global platform with more than half a million users. The team has extended to include professional dental photographers, and be adding dental technicians, smile designers, and writers in the near future.

Masoud Abu Zant

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Dentists & Lab Technicians


Online Magazine

Top Dental Cases

Dental Articles

Dental Videos

Dental Photography

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Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of the questions we get asked frequently, if you have a question not on the list, don’t hesitate to contact us via:

Yes, the Denti-Pro App is completely FREE to download and use for now.

Simply search for it in Google Play Store or App Store from your mobile device and download it. The app is compatible with ALL devices.

You can register by filling in the registration form in the apps profile section, or by login via Facebook.

Yes, many of the art pieces shown in the app and websites are for sale. Send an email to for more information.

Yes, you can! Simply send it through the App, or by Email to

Yes, contact for more information.

Latest Posts

You can also read all blog posts in a mobile-friendly format in the app.

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Denti-Pro Magazine – FREE Online Dental Magazine.
November 27, 2016

Denti-Pro Magazine is a FREE Online Dental Magazine. Available Only Through Denti-Pro App Download Links : IOS Version : Read More

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Connect with dentists around the world, network with industry experts, read about the latest research results, watch inspiring videos and detailed dental photography, share and post your own content, and much more with Denti-Pro. The app brings dentists, lab technicians and other dental professionals together to bring the art of dentistry forward. Join a growing global community fighting for better oral hygiene!

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